Navigating Tourism

Accessing Tourism

icon_voice (1K) Say, "Tourism" for the Tourism menu.

icon_touch (1K) Press STAR (★). Then Press 4 for the Tourism menu.

Next, select the Arizona Office of Tourism, or select Parks
icon_voice (1K) Say, "Arizona Office of Tourism."
icon_voice (1K) Or say, "Parks."
icon_touch (1K) Press 1 for the Arizona Office of Tourism.
icon_touch (1K) Press 2 for Parks.

If you chose Arizona Office of Tourism, you'll be transferred to their live operators.
If you said "Parks" or pressed 2, you now need to select a park
icon_voice (1K) Say the parkname (a state or national park in Arizona), such as, "Picacho Peak"
icon_touch (1K) Press 2.    Parks beginning with A, B, C.
icon_touch (1K) Press 3.    D, E, F.
icon_touch (1K) Press 4.    G, H, I.
icon_touch (1K) Press 5.    J, K, L.
icon_touch (1K) Press 6.    M, N, O.
icon_touch (1K) Press 7.    P, Q, R, S.
icon_touch (1K) Press 8.    T, U, V.
icon_touch (1K) Press 9.    W, X, Y, Z.

icon_voice (1K) icon_touch (1K) While listening to any park recording, say "Transfer" or press POUND (#) to transfer to the Park Office.

Are you a habitual user of 511? If you access the parks frequently, maybe you'll like using the speed codes!