Navigating Transit

Accessing Transit
icon_voice (1K) Say, "Transit."
icon_touch (1K) Press STAR (★). Then press 2.

Next, Select a Transit Service
icon_voice (1K) Say, "Valley Metro."
icon_touch (1K) Press 1 for Valley Metro.
icon_voice (1K) Say, "Tucson SunTran System."
icon_touch (1K) Press 2 for Tucson SunTran System.
icon_voice (1K) Say, "Native American Transit."
icon_touch (1K) Press 3 for Native American Transit.
icon_voice (1K) Say, "Rural Areas North."
icon_touch (1K) Press 4 for Rural Areas North.
icon_voice (1K) Say, "Rural Areas South."
icon_touch (1K) Press 5 for Rural Areas South.

icon_touch (1K)  For Transit Operator, say "Transfer" after listening to the recording.
icon_voice (1K) For Transit Operator, press POUND (#) after listening to the recording.

icon_voice (1K) icon_touch (1K)  Native American Transit and Rural Areas—North and South—have additional sub–menus. Follow the prompts for these agencies. All transit agencies have transfer options.